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Are You More Vulnerable Than You Think?

Courtesy of Flicker/Michael Cramer

Courtesy of Flicker/Michael Cramer

So your friend just talked you into watching this movie you really didn’t want to see.  Maybe it’s “not your style” or, maybe, you heard that the plot line wasn’t that great.  Either way, you’d rather not be there….

But then it happens.  Just a few minutes into the movie you find yourself relating with the main characters.  When they are happy, you’re happy.  When they are sad, you might even shed a tear with them.  Sure, the story isn’t your cup of tea, but no matter how much you convinced yourself you wouldn’t like it, you can’t help being drawn in…


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Pirate Legends!

Having grown up on classic soundtracks such as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander, I felt it was time to follow those great composers before me and try swashing my own buckles.  The result?  Pirate Legends.

The inspiration for this song came early one morning two years ago in my Aural Skills class.  We were learning rhythmic dictation and my teacher tapped out a simple 7/8 rhythm (..-  ..-   —).  This rhythm was so catchy that the notes came easily.  On the corner of my notebook, I wrote out the solfege syllables of the notes I heard in my head and quickly wrote out the music after class.

The biggest challenge in writing this song was the percussion break in the middle.  Before this song, I had not really learned how to write percussion, but I knew I wanted something big and rhythmic in the middle.  Ironically enough, my lack of knowledge drove me to join the Wind Ensemble the next semester as a percussionist where I incorporated several of the things I learned into this song.

I hope you enjoy listening just as much as I enjoyed writing this piece!