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Forgot the Glass Slippers

One of my favorite moments during the concert was backstage during the intermission.  There I got several hugs from this precious little girl and her little sister.  Even better was when they asked to see my glass slippers!  (I had to explain how I left those at home.)




A Lesson in Drama

I’ve posted a lot about the music and artwork for the upcoming world premier of The Light Princess and other works, however there are alot of other pieces that go into making a concert great.  One of them is the little detail of getting the narration just right to go with the music.

I have been priveleged to have drama coach Verlyn White step up to the task.  Verlyn and I have been meeting for the past few weeks to work on developing my narrating skills and really bring this story to life. Whether it is a 2 hour session on just my witch’s voice or meeting to run through the story, I greatly appreciate the time and talent this amazing woman has given!

Amy with Verlyn White

I can’t wait for you to hear the story come to life on February 27! Make sure you subscribe to keep informed!

The Dress Came In!

Just got my dress for the upcoming concerts and got to try it on for the first time!  I’m so excited!

Amy Mack in outfit for Concerts

Just 28 days left until the world premier of my music.  Make sure you save the date!

A Story Behind the Story

Everyone loves a good, captivating story.  Seldom, though, do we ever stop to consider that each tale has a story behind the story.  Why did the author choose to write it that way?  What were his inspirations or motivations?

In light of the coming live world premiere of The Light Princess on February 27 and again on March 6, I wanted to take a moment to share with you two behind the scenes stories:  the story behind The Light Princess and the story behind why I wanted to set this magnificent work to music.

I very much appreciate my friend Abigail Beck’s expertise in helping me put this short video together.  I have so enjoyed working on this piece and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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It’s Finished!!!!

Conductor's ScoreI’m so excited to have finished setting George MacDonald’s book The Light Princess to music!  This project has taken me just over a year to write (in the midst of my junior year of college) and is aproximately 37 minutes long.

Just for fun, I thought you might enjoy seeing just how large this project turned out to be.  The conductor’s score was a mere 79 pages Showing partslong and, when printed, one copy of the parts used up more than a ream of paper!

This has been so much fun to write and I am so excited to share it soon! Keep checking back for more information on the premier of The Light Princess!

Once Upon a Time…

I am having so much fun putting The Light Princess  to music and narration!  So much so, in fact, that I wanted to share a piece with you!

Enjoy this short excerpt from Scene 1 of the Light Princess, and don’t forget to keep checking back for more updates! :o)