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A Conversation with Booker White

Meeting with Booker WhiteRecently, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Booker White, the head Music Librarian down at Walt Disney Studios!  While there, Booker showed me the copy stations as well as some of the Disney scores including the new Tommorrowland, some of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Even more importantly, Booker was gracious enough to talk with me about how he started out in the music business and the many different aspects of music production (especially from a music copyist’s standpoint).  Here are a few things I learned: Read the rest of this entry


A Conversation with Brad Kelley

Brad Kelley

Yesterday, I had the amazing privilege of speaking with renowned composer Brad Kelley!  Mr. Kelley is a renowned and well-traveled composer having written music for Universal Studios, Paramount Parks, McDonalds, IBM, and, currently, Disney on Classic.

I ended up speaking with him for an hour and received some incredible advice for starting out as a composer.  While we talked about a lot of different topics (and I took several pages of notes!), here are a few of the highlights: Read the rest of this entry