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Ich spreche nur Deutsch

During the concert, I saw a precious little girl who was absolutely enamored with the story of The Light Princess.  It was so much fun  while I narrated watching her face as she was completely taken with the story.

Meeting After the Concert

After the concert, I had the opportunity to meet her and I was surprised to learn that she had just arrived from Germany and didn’t understand any English!  But even with a language barrier, she had been so taken with the music and the paintings that it almost didn’t matter that she couldn’t understand the words.

Tonight’s the Night!

Hi Everyone!  Please come to my Senior Recital tonight at The Master’s College at 6:00pm!  You will hear a wide variety of music from small ensemble to big band to The Light Princess.  Admission is free, but I would recommend coming early as seats are first come first served.

Thanks and I can’t wait to see you there!

Senior Recital AnnouncementP.S. If you can’t make the concert, the link to the live stream of the concert is here.

If No Love Did Flow in Thee

Fun fact:  Many people have approached me recently about how much they enjoyed the song that the prince sings during The Light Princess.  But did you know that the lyrics of that song were actually written by George MacDonald?

Richard Dinsmoor singing during The Light Princess

In his book The Light Princessauthor George MacDonald wrote out the lyrics for the song he wanted the prince to sing.  In order to preserve the story as much as possible, I took his lyrics and set them to music.  For the world premiere, this was performed by soloist Richard Dinsmoor and the tune became the main theme of The Light Princess.

Senior Recital!

If you were not able to make the World Premiere (Or would like to hear some of the works again), please come to my senior recital this Friday on March 6!  There, you will hear The Light Princess, Taking Candy, and five other brand new works that were not at the world premiere.

I hope to see you there!

Senior Recital Announcement

Forgot the Glass Slippers

One of my favorite moments during the concert was backstage during the intermission.  There I got several hugs from this precious little girl and her little sister.  Even better was when they asked to see my glass slippers!  (I had to explain how I left those at home.)



Bringing The Light Princess to Life!

Here are a few more pictures from the concert. Enjoy!

Tunes, Tales, & Truths

Amy Mack Narrating The Light Princess

By the way, if you missed seeing The Light Princess or would like to see it again, please come to my senior recital at The Master’s College Music Department this Friday at 6:00pm.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Just Finished the Dress Rehearsal!!

Just finished a several hour dress rehearsal with the GBC orchestra and the choir!  It was so much fun to finally see everything come together – especially with the tech team in there!  I especially appreciated Lisa Hernacki’s guidance and leadership as she kept us on track.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what the concert will look like:

Birds eye view of Dress Rehearsal

Every wonder what is going on behind the scenes?  We have an amazing tech team helping out with this concert!  Here’s a peek into the control room during The Light Princess runthrough.

Control Room During Dress Rehearsal

Now all it needs is an audience! :o)

The Witch’s Revenge

Here’s a brief glimpse into one of our early rehearsals of The Light Princess.  Enjoy!

Less than a week now until the world premier!  I can’t wait to see you there!

A Labor of Love

Recently, we realized that the picture frames were too heavy for a normal table top stand.  My father, Eric Mack,  took the challenge and spent this past weekend designing and building five collapsable stands that will hold two paintings a piece.

Eric Mack hard at work making frames

Here is the finished product (note that the easels will be hidden under black cloth).

Picture Frame Stand

I am so very thankful for the amount of work that he put into desiging and building these easels in order to make the concert a success.  Thanks dad!

Tunes, Tales, & Truths

Perhaps the best synopsis of The Light Princess I have read was written by my good friend Nathan Paul:

This is the story of a princess bewitched out of gravity, in body and mind, by her sorcerous aunt. She always laughs but never smiles and cannot fall in love. She can only recover her gravity while in a magic lake, and there is her only joy.

A prince comes from afar to seek his bride and is taken with the princess. The witch, incensed with this news, takes further revenge by draining the lake— and, with it, the life of the princess. It lies before the prince to save the kingdom and his love.


George MacDonald greatly influenced the writings of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.
He said of his stories, “I write not for children, but for the child-like, whether they be five or fifty, or seventy-five.”
This story is for the child in all of us.