Are You More Vulnerable Than You Think?

Courtesy of Flicker/Michael Cramer

Courtesy of Flicker/Michael Cramer

So your friend just talked you into watching this movie you really didn’t want to see.  Maybe it’s “not your style” or, maybe, you heard that the plot line wasn’t that great.  Either way, you’d rather not be there….

But then it happens.  Just a few minutes into the movie you find yourself relating with the main characters.  When they are happy, you’re happy.  When they are sad, you might even shed a tear with them.  Sure, the story isn’t your cup of tea, but no matter how much you convinced yourself you wouldn’t like it, you can’t help being drawn in…


With words, you can use your intellect to filter what you agree or disagree with or what coincides with your interests.  But, unlike mere words, music is much harder to filter.  It reaches past the intellect and touches your emotions first, before it ever reaches your intellect.

Composers have to learn to study the emotions and understand how certain sounds make people feel.  Not to sound to “mystic,” but this really is a very powerful tool.  The right kind of music can be a “hook” to capture an audience and bring them into the story.

Paired with a movie, for example, music can make you like or dislike a certain character or place.  It can make or break your expectations.  You would probably expect a movie about Cinderella to have a sort of lighthearted, fairytale sound.  But if something like this played instead, you would feel something entirely different.

So why am I sharing this?  Well, over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing with you several short clips of different sound bites I have written to demonstrate how different music can bring about different emotions.

I need YOUR help!

Please comment on this post to let me know some of the sounds or emotions you would like to see me share.  I would welcome as much feedback as possible.

Looking forward on exploring this topic with you!

P.S. This blog is intended to be a conversation, not a monologue.  Please feel free to share your relevant thoughts or comments.  Even better, don’t forget to subscribe so that you are the first to receive new music and announcements!


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  1. Great music is how I first fell in love with How To Train Your Dragon and I knew it when it happened. 😀
    Sadness, indecision, and light-heartedness! Really, you could throw anything at me, but I’d like to hear these.

  2. I would like to hear adventure and happy endings

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