An Afternoon with Keith Getty

Last week I had the opportunity to meet composer Keith Getty – a modern day hymn writer and one of my heros in music.  Keith met with the composers for lunch before giving a two hour seminar on the music field and the importance of music in worship.

I ended up taking over three pages of notes, but I wanted to share some of the highlights with you:

Keith and Kristyn Getty TMC Music Event

One of the biggest takeaways from meeting with Keith was the emphasis of the importance of good quality music in worship.  As Keith pointed out:

God’s people have learned their history through song.  Therefore our songs frame our responses.

Keith explained that music in worship needs to not only have a beauty about it, but also an excellence and depth in the meaning of the words that we sing.

If our songs have the greatness of God’s love, but not any of His other attributes, we have failed.

Session with Keith Getty

At the seminar, Keith stressed the importance of good songs and good lyrics explaining that one of the most important questions a pastor can ask himself at the end of the service is:  “How well did the congregation sing?”

Churches with good preaching but shallow songs breed shallow congregations.

When asked how he can write so many songs of the faith and find his drive, Keith explained:

Be the best musician you can be, but make sure your faith grows faster than your talent.

These quotes are only the tip of the iceberg of what I took away from meeting with Keith Getty.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with this excellent musician and humble man and I was greatly inspired in my own writing as I heard from him.


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  1. I walked away from the seminar inspired to teach the very young the hymns of our faith.

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