A Favor

Last night was truly a magical evening as I was able to see a concert that was four years in the making become a reality!

Tunes, Tales, and Truths Family Concert

I have a favor to ask of those who came to the concert:  As you can imagine, these tunes have been in my head for four years and we have been rehearsing them for months, so I have no idea what it was like for someone to experience the music for the first time.

I would love to hear from you regarding what your impression was of the concert and your experience!  Please share your comments below or feel free to email me.

Thank you!


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  1. First of all… BRAVO! I was really glad to be able to be a part of such a magical evening, with all of the people in attendance, as you and the orchestra led us through such a musical journey. Some of my favorite pieces were “Taking Candy from a Baby.”, scenes 6/7, and “Father Forgive Them”. Richard’s performance was solid, with emotion fitting the song, great job sir! The melancholy of scene 7 was real, listening to the music give it life, as you feel choked up when you listen of the brave prince’s sacrifice. I felt the tension as he was in the water, being overwhelmed by it and the tune reflects his valiant and noble surrender. What can I say, it was moving… Overall five billion stars out of ten…

  2. As one can imagine, I’ve heard bits and pieces of these songs, as you sat behind my desk composing at your desk. This was the first time I actually heard the finished pieces. Amy, you did a magnificent job of matching the emotion of the story with your music. This was true for The Light Princess, but also for the other songs. Throughout the evening, I felt the rocking of the pirate ship as we raced across the waves, the grandeur of seeing the world for the first time, and the excitement of a cops and robber chase. I felt the love my my Savior, and the torment of the nails being driven into His hands. The testimony of the emotions you were able to convey was evident of the many who came up to me in tears after the concert. They were so moved by the emotion – in a good and marvelous way.

  3. I am 9 years old and like music. I am taking piano lessons at TMC. I liked the pirate song with the fighting music. One of my brothers liked the cartoons during the Candy and Baby song. My other brother thought it was really cool the way that the kids played all the drums and chimes and all the other instruments during the fairy tale. We were sitting in front of that section. We were glad the pictures were there for us to see when Amy was reading.

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